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Exporting Greek products & Wines

OLKAS promotes traditional Greek products and wines to foreign markets.  Our aim is to become the link between  Greek producers and wine makers and buyers from all over the world.


We have made a selection of unique products and wines from the most magical places of Greece!

What we do

Our love for Greek traditional products has been our motivation the last years to promote Greek delicacies and support small & medium Greek producers export their products.
We focus on providing high quality services to our partners with the aim to develop export activity.

At the same time we encourage international buyers do business with Greek companies by facilitating all processes and by providing services based on their needs.

Our name

 Our name has its roots to Ancient Greece. OLKAS was the commercial ship of Ancient Greeks which was used for the transportation of products.

Our aim

We aim to support Greek producers, even the small ones, export their products and get a new business perspective. The key for us is to create "synergies" so as to offer the option of developing export activity to as many Greek producers as possible. We travel, we participate in international shows & tasting events presenting unique Greek products, wines and spirits taking into account the current financial situation.